Resources for Making and Saving Money

Saving Money

Kingdom Entrepreneurs and Financiers must first be good stewards over the resources God provides to us.  For this reason, we're sharing resources below that can help you save money in your household and business.  Some of these same resources can also serve as additional income streams.

Additional Income Streams

Below you will find resources that can serve as additional income streams for you.  We will continue to add to this page as we connect with resources that we believe can be a blessing to you!

Share Your Resources

If you have access to resources that can save God's people money or help them to create an additional income stream in ways that honor God, please share those with us by sending an email to our CEO and Founder Markita Brooks at

Income Source: Exchange Cash for GOLD

Gold is a form of true wealth on earth (hence the gold in the Kingdom Wealth logo).  It increases in value automatically, and is a good investment.  Simply convert your cash (a promissory note with no intrinsic value) into gold to yield a return on your investment and create generational wealth.  Click the link below to be directed to the Karat Bars site to buy gold or become a distributor.  The video to the left will give you even more info.

Buy Gold as an Investment or Sell Gold as Income

Click below to get started.

Save Money and Make Money with One Wireless World

Check out the video to the left and then click the button below to learn more about this opportunity to save money on wireless services AND even make money as an Influencer through One Wireless World. 

Save and Earn Money on Wireless Services

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