A Word from the Lord


God wants to talk with you about your business

This is a message for mature believers in the God of the Bible who would like your businesses to advance His Kingdom. God wants to take your business to the next level, but He wants you to understand His heart, so that you will invite Him to work with you in building your business His Kingdom way. 

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Building a Successful Enterprise according to God's Model

In this FREE Webinar, Markita Brooks pours her heart and soul into helping your start or scale a business that will bless many and bring glory to God.  Learn the secrets to establishing and expanding a successful Bible-based business that only an experienced Kingdom entrepreneur could share.  In this webinar, she'll help you to:

  • Understand God’s Biblical model for business, which does not include debt;
  • Plan to build or expand a successful business in accordance with God’s Biblical principles and His revealed will to you;
  • Begin creating your “Living Business Plan” to start your business or “Business Growth Plan” to scale your business;
  • Identify your income goals and begin working toward achieving them within the next 12 months; and
  • Learn to stand against ungodly business practices and influences in the marketplace.

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About the Presenter

Markita Brooks, CEO & Founder

Markita Brooks is a wife, mother and grandmother.  She has been an entrepreneur, consultant and ministry leader since 2001.  Markita has served as a business consultant for various enterprises and serves on 7 non-profit boards of directors.  She is the founder and senior apostle of The Truth In The Spirit, a ministry that unites the Body of Believers globally, while overseeing various other ministries, training pastors, bishops, apostles and other leaders.  She was the president of a multiple 6-figure contracting corporation, while also serving as a business consultant for various firms.  After selling that company, she became a consultant for a 7-figure company, while establishing Kingdom Wealth, LLC.  She is a motivational speaker and the author of many books and training curricula, to include 5 Biblical Keys to Unlocking Wealth.  She conducts business and ministry workshops throughout the year, all flowing out of her extensive knowledge of the Bible and leadership.  Connect with her to become successful in your own endeavors. 



Dr. Karen Dixson, Coaching Client


 "Apostle Markita is a prolific teacher of God's Kingdom and governmental agenda. She possesses the authority to lead individuals to their divine destiny through her coaching company Kingdom Wealth LLC. I would highly recommend anyone attending this profound program. It was beneficial to me in many ways."

M.E. Connors, Training Participant


 "Markita is an exceptionally gifted speaker.  Her subject matter, knowledge and expertise are above the charts, yet she can explain the most complex concepts and processes in a way that even a second grader can understand them.  Additionally, she is patient and wise, able to teach, instruct and guide anyone who is willing.  Markita is definitely one of the best speakers and teachers I've been privileged to hear."

Kashif Banks, Coaching Client


 "The phenomenal teachings of Apostle Markita are not only on point but also on time especially in today's world where entrepreneurship is at it's highest. I prayed and asked God that if He felt the need for me to have a coach as I launch my empire, then may this coach be knowledgeable in business but more importantly, strong in the word, and she fulfills that role abundantly! Apostle Markita's teachings are anointed as she gives bibical instructions that have shown me how to live my life under His word and why it's substantial in the development of my entrepreneurial venture."