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"The 7-Day Coach" FREE Video Coaching Series

God is "The 7-Day Coach"

God created the most self-sustaining, duplicable system ever established in 6 days.  Then on the 7th day, He retired and left the family business to His children.  In the 7 days of Creation, God established a model for life and business that every entrepreneur and child of God needs to understand.  Through this video coaching series, you'll discover how God transforms His people into innovators endowed with His creative power, to birth enterprises that create wealth and positively impact the lives of many.  Find out what "Day" your life and business are in currently, and where to go from here.  Download "The 7-Day Coach" for FREE TODAY!

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Kingdom Wealth Workshops

Kingdom Wealth Workshops

Attend one of our Upcoming Workshops

Join us for one of our upcoming workshops to develop a money mindset, lay a strong Biblical foundation for your business, and connect with new business opportunities and other business owners.  Have your business questions answered and engage in advancing the Kingdom.

Markita Brooks, Motivational Speaker

Are you looking for a Passionate, Energetic, Engaging Speaker?

Markita Brooks is a dynamic and engaging motivational speaker.  Having spoken before hundreds of groups in the U.S. and abroad, she engages audiences on a myriad of topics, while always pointing them toward personal fulfillment and professional success.  Her signature talk, "True You," is a journey of self-discovery that leads to personal integrity and adding value to the global community.  Visit our Speaking page for more information or to request that she speak at your next event.

Invite Markita Brooks, motivational speaker, to speak at your event.

Invite Markita Brooks, motivational speaker, to speak at your event.

In 45 Minutes, You Can Change the Course of Your Life Forever!

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In your FREE Discovery Session, we will:

~ Discover God's truth about your design,

~ Identify ways in which you are malfunctioning, and

~ Empower you to function according to your design.

Click the button below to request a FREE 45-minute Personal Discovery Session.  Discover who God designed you to be and receive power to function accordingly.

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Starting, Scaling or Optimizing Your Business? You Need a Plan!

Request a FREE 45-minute Business Strategy Session

In your FREE Strategy Session, we'll help you:

~Clarify your vision for the future,

~Identify your greatest challenge, and

~Map out your path to success!

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Coaching You into Success & Fulfillment

Coaching Programs

Through Discovering Your Divine Design, we will help you uncover your purpose and create a business vision that will allow you to fulfill it.  Through Prosperity Coaching, we'll help you build and scale your business to leave a legacy for generations.

Become a Kingdom Wealth Consultant

We are looking for entrepreneurs who want to build business experience, while earning an additional income.  We'd like to help you build your business and train you to become a valuable asset in ours.

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Business Builders

5 Biblical Keys to Unlocking Wealth book order

5 Biblical Keys to Unlocking Wealth

Gain access to Biblical keys that lead to your prosperity in 5 vital areas, and learn the principles of creating wealth from the Biblical perspective. 

Discovering Your Divine Design Coaching Program

Discovering Your Divine Design

God designed you for a purpose.  Join us for this 7-week coaching program that will help you discover your purpose and create a business or career vision that will help you fulfill it.

Prosperity Coaching

Through group and individual business coaching sessions, we will help you establish your new business, scale your existing business or create a legacy that will bless generations to come.

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