Coaching Client Reviews

Dr. Karen Dixson, Prosperity "Growth" Coaching Client

Prosperity Growth Coaching Testimonial, Dr. Karen Dixson

"Apostle Markita is a prolific teacher of God's Kingdom and governmental agenda. She possesses the authority to lead individuals to their divine destiny through her coaching company Kingdom Wealth LLC. I would highly recommend anyone attending this profound program. It was beneficial to me in many ways."

Kashif Banks, Prosperity "Startup" Coaching Client

Prosperity "Startup" Coaching Client, Kashif Banks

"The phenomenal teachings of Apostle Markita are not only on point but also on time especially in today's world where entrepreneurship is at it's highest. I prayed and asked God that if He felt the need for me to have a coach as I launch my empire, then may this coach be knowledgeable in business but more importantly, strong in the word, and she fulfills that role abundantly! Apostle Markita's teachings are anointed as she gives bibical instructions that have shown me how to live my life under His word and why it's substantial in the development of my entrepreneurial venture."

Jacinta Walker, Prosperity "Startup" Coaching Client

Prosperity "Startup" Coaching Client, Jacinta Walker

"Prosperity Coaching with Markita Brooks has been one of the best investments in time and money that I have ever made. Her approach is thorough and sincere encouraging me to take a look at all aspects that will affect the success of my business ensuring that I start with a solid foundation." 


Maribel Carrera, Together We Can

Kingdom Pillars Coaching client

Eddie Johnson, Verdure Watches

 "Working with Kingdom Wealth, LLC and Miss Markita has truly been a blessing. God is truly using her to raise up Kingdom Financiers such as myself to be a vessel for His Kingdom and it shows in the revelation He gives through her. I have grown so much in my faith in Christ and in knowing how to do business God's way and am so thankful and grateful to have come across Kingdom Wealth, LLC. It has truly been a blessing to learn under her as God has revealed Himself and His agendas."


Wealth Creation Activation Testimonial

Testimonial from Kennesha Walker, Owner of Miwa Design and Graphics