Discovering Your Divine Design

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Find Fulfillment!

Discover Your Divine Design

God wants you to experience fulfillment and success.  You don't have to sacrifice one for the other.  He designed you for a purpose, and that purpose will bless many, if you discover it.  Your purpose is wrapped up in your Divine Design.

If your life is out of order or you lack fulfillment, it’s because you are functioning outside of your Divine Design, which means you are actually malfunctioning.  You can get by that way for a long time and even make lots of money by meeting other people’s expectations, but you will never find fulfillment or peace with God. It's time for that to change. 


Enroll in "Discovering Your Divine Design," a 7-week self-guided coaching program designed to help you find fulfillment in life and success in your business or career through discovering God’s purpose for your life.  Once you become fully aware of who you are and what God designed you to do, you can build and grow a successful enterprise or career that will capitalize on your gifts and bless many. 

Discover Your Divine Design

Discover Your Divine Design

A 7-Week Coaching Program


More about "Discovering Your Divine Design"

"Discovering Your Divine Design" includes video training, a reflection book and ongoing monthly group coaching sessions that will guide you as you discover your divine design!   Together, we will:

  • Pursue Truth
  • Uncover Damaging Lies
  • Rebuild Trust
  • Renew Hope
  • Reveal Your Strength
  • Target Your Interests
  • Discover Your Divine Design

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"Discovering Your Divine Design" is a 7-week video coaching program that you can begin right now.  Click the link below to gain access to this life-changing resource.  Discovering Your Divine Design includes:  

  •  All 7 weeks of Discovering Your Divine Design video coaching program
  •  Access to our monthly group coaching sessions
  •  A 45-minute Personal Discovery Session upon completion
  •  Access to your coach via email while you're on your 7-week journey
  •  Prayer support and additional resources

Trying to discover your purpose, so that you can build a business or career to help fulfill it?

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