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Kingdom Wealth, LLC is a God-centered business coaching and consulting firm.  We are focused on helping people discover their purpose and fulfill it through successful businesses that make a positive difference in the world.  God established Kingdom Wealth, LLC, to raise up entrepreneurs who would create wealth to advance His Kingdom.  Our Founder and CEO, Markita Brooks, has built Kingdom Wealth, LLC, upon her many years of experience as an entrepreneur, consultant, ministry leader and speaker, with the help and support of her partner and husband (pictured left with her).  Based out of Virginia, Kingdom Wealth has educated and supported many Kingdom Entrepreneurs worldwide.  Our team includes business owners, ministers, community servants, scholars and professionals in various industries.  Our Virginia Team is pictured to the left and our National Team is featured below.  Together, we support new businesses and help expand successful ones, so that we can unite to change the world. Join our Facebook Group.

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More About Markita Brooks


Markita Brooks, CEO & Founder

Markita Brooks is a wife, mother and grandmother.  She has been an entrepreneur, consultant and ministry leader since 2001.  Markita has served as a business consultant for various enterprises, she is President of 3 corporations (this doesn't include Kingdom Wealth, which is an LLC) and she serves on 7 non-profit boards of directors.  She is the founder and senior apostle of The Truth In The Spirit, a ministry that unites the Body of Believers globally, while overseeing various other ministries, training pastors, bishops, apostles and other leaders.  She was the president of a multiple 6-figure Class-A Contracting corporation for 12 years, while also serving as a business consultant for various other firms.  After selling the contracting company, she became a consultant for a 7-figure company, while establishing Kingdom Wealth, LLC.   She is a motivational speaker and the author of many books and training curricula, to include 5 Biblical Keys to Unlocking Wealth.  She conducts business and ministry workshops throughout the year, all flowing out of her extensive knowledge of the Bible and leadership.   Connect with her to become successful in your own endeavors.

Motivational Speaker--Markita Brooks' Signature Talk, "True You".

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Markita has spoken at hundreds of venues in the United States and abroad, training ministry and business leaders.  She is well-versed in a variety of topics concerning leadership, faith, group dynamics, business, relationships, self-improvement, identity, purpose and motivation.  Her signature talk, "True You," has changed the lives and businesses of many.  You may also choose to request that she expound on her themes in "The 7-Day Coach" or 5 Biblical Keys to Unlocking Wealth, or you can request that she do a Discovering Your Divine Design or Prosperity Coaching session with your group.  The possibilities are endless.  Whatever topic you choose, she is guaranteed to inform, entertain and inspire your group!  Click the button below to learn more about her as a motivational speaker.

In Her Own Words

My Story

God revealed to my mother just after I was born that He had a plan for my life. So my whole life, I've been focused on fulfilling my purpose. When I was 8 years old, my parents got divorced. I was devastated and decided that I would have a happy life and family when I grew up, while changing the world. Focusing on fulfilling my purpose helped me through painful experiences, like abandonment, abuse, discrimination and rape. But when the work was done, the pain remained. God showed up and started healing my pain and then called me into ministry, but I couldn’t earn enough to live the life I wanted while helping others. So, I started a business, making 6+ figures per year, supporting my life dream and the ministry.  I also began business consulting.  Now I travel the world helping others fulfill their purpose and create wealth so that, together, we can change the world! I work from home with my husband and best friend. I’m available for my children, and I have time to seek God for His will daily, for me and for others. 

My Message

God created you for a purpose. He was intimately involved in your design and wants to use you mightily. Once you discover this, you will unlock the power within you to create wealth and your potential will be limitless. Within God's plan, you can fulfill your purpose without sacrificing your own life vision. When people come together, fulfilling their purposes and blessing others, we can accomplish anything, despite the challenges we encounter.

Markita Brooks: My Story!

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We lead a global network of entrepreneurs, called the Kingdom Wealth Network, dedicated to creating wealth to do good all over the world, according to God's Biblical principles.  Business owners in our Kingdom Wealth Network connect with entrepreneurs in our geographic areas at monthly networking meetings and community events to share resources and referrals, support budding entrepreneurs, unite on service projects and contribute to our international Kingdom Mastermind Group, established to tackle some of the world's greatest challenges through Biblical business wisdom and giving. 

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