Discovering Your Divine Design

"Discovering Your Divine Design" -- A 7-Week Coaching Program to find fulfillment and success.

A 7-Week Coaching Program

Experience fulfillment and success by discovering your divine design.  Your Heavenly Father created you in His image and endowed you with creative power, so that you could fulfill a unique and essential purpose on earth.  All of your gifts, interests and experiences reveal that purpose, and you won't find fulfillment unless you discover it.  Learn more to find your purpose, fulfillment and success!

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Prosperity Coaching for Business Owners

Markita Brooks speaks on the 3 levels of Kingdom Wealth's Prosperity Coaching:  Startup, Growth and Legacy.

Prosperity "Startup" Coaching

Prosperity Startup Coaching for entrepreneurs and new business owners

For Startup Businesses

Prosperity "Startup" Coaching is designed for entrepreneurs who have a business vision and need help building a strong, Biblical foundation for their new enterprise.  This 6-month program begins with a life vision and ends with a complete business plan, and accompanying resources, that will support the life you want to live. 

Program Includes:

- 1 Monthly Group Coaching Session

- 1 Monthly Individual Coaching Session

- Progressive Coaching Program

- Email Support 

Prosperity "Growth" Coaching

Prosperity Growth Coaching to scale existing businesses and create an exit strategy

To Scale Existing Businesses

Prosperity "Growth" Coaching is for current business owners who are seeking God for His "next level" for their businesses.  Starting with their current business plans, business owners can complete this 4-month program with a plan to scale their business and an exit strategy. 

Program Includes:

- 1 Group Coaching Session per month

- 1 Individual Coaching Session per month

- Progressive Coaching Program

- Video Coaching

- Email Support

Prosperity "Legacy" Coaching

Prosperity Legacy Coaching, leaving a Godly legacy in business for generations to come

Optimizing Businesses to Leave a Godly Legacy

Prosperity "Legacy" Coaching is for experienced business owners who are ready to make a significant difference in the world through their specialized niche.  This 3-month program includes a detailed evaluation of all major business systems from a Biblical perspective and creation of sustainable service projects. 

Program Includes:

- Regular Individual Coaching

- Business Consultation

- Email Support

- Referrals for additional resources

- Detailed evaluation of all major business systems from a Biblical perspective

- Sustainable service project(s)

More Info About Prosperity Coaching

Prosperity Coaching: growing from start to success

Group Coaching Sessions

During our Group Coaching Sessions, business owners interact live online to receive Biblical guidance for business, next-steps direction for business growth, answers to questions, and peer support.

Individual Coaching Sessions

During Individual Coaching Sessions, business owners receive personal business coaching as well as specific guidance on the focus areas of their level of Prosperity Coaching.  This is a very valuable part of Prosperity Coaching, as business owners receive specific business wisdom and Biblical direction for their businesses.

Progressive Coaching Program

Kingdom Wealth's Progressive Coaching Program includes action sheets, templates, reflection statements and business information that is emailed regularly to our coaching clients to provide guidance and accountability as they continue to progress through their Coaching Program.  The Progressive Coaching Program is the catalyst for business coaching during the Group and Individual Coaching Sessions.

Email Support

Our coaching clients have unlimited access to their coaching team via email.  In this way, they receive all of the guidance, resources and tools necessary to achieve their goals.

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