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Engaging Keynote Speaker * Markita Brooks

Motivational Speaker ~ Markita Brooks ~ Change Agent

Markita is passionate about helping people find fulfillment and success.  She energetically addresses challenges and celebrates successes within organizations.  She engages audiences by tailoring her topics and giving specific examples that are relevant to the people in the room.  As a business owner, business consultant and ministry leader since 2001, Markita has spoken before hundreds of audiences in the United States and abroad, inspiring people to discover their purpose, create successful enterprises and take their businesses to the next level.  She has a wealth of knowledge about various industries and business challenges, as well as Biblical wisdom to transform your team and enliven your event.  

As a Motivational Speaker and Change Agent, Markita can help your organization manage change to go to the next level!  You can request her Signature Talk below, a coaching session for your team, a Keynote Address on any number of topics, or Markita can address the challenges and successes your organization is currently experiencing.  No matter what you choose, Markita will seek God about where He is at work within your organization and provide direction for where you all should focus your energies and resources.

Engaging & Relevant Topics

Speaking before audiences is a passion for Markita, because she wants to motivate and inspire teams and communities to unite toward a vision.  As a business coach, Markita loves to speak on topics related to her coaching programs: Discovering Your Divine Design and Prosperity Coaching.  However, as a business consultant and spiritual leader, she is also able to speak on many other topics.  See below for ideas or ask her to tailor a topic to the needs and current experiences of your group or the purpose of your occasion.  As a change agent, she will undoubtedly help your organization move from transition to transformation!


Signature Talk: True You

This is a Journey!

"True You" begins as a journey of self-discovery and continues through to fulfillment in life, success in your livelihood and making a positive difference in the world.  Each person is but a tiny speck in a vast universe.  Yet, inside all of us is infinite potential.  Potential so vast that it can affect the universe itself.

Discovering You – Throughout your journey in life, the most important endeavor that you can undertake is the discovery of "true you".  You were made in the image of your Divine Creator, yet you are a unique and powerful individual.  Commitment to discovering the "true you" is a commitment to yourself, our global community and the universe.  One key to discovering "true you" is rejecting "you" that everyone else says is true. You must determine who you are, then be true to you.

Being True to You – Every time you discover something about yourself, you must commit to honor that truth in everything you do.  The universe was designed by our Creator on a foundation of truth.  There are certain truths that ensure that everything in creation continually fulfills its purpose.  Gravity is one of those truths.  For humans, attraction is a truth.  What attracts you?  What draws you into your purpose?  What fulfills you?  As you discover things about yourself, you must commit to the corresponding truth consistently to be a whole, integrated being.  It is integration of every aspect of your being that manifests in personal and creative power.

Fulfillment and Success – You must be "true you" in order to find true fulfillment.  You may achieve success as a "dimension of yourself", but that type of success will never produce fulfillment because aspects of yourself are being suppressed.  Any area of your being that is suppressed is dying, and it will spread death to the whole.  Being true to yourself and living a life of truth is the only way to find YOUR fulfillment.  Because we are all unique, fulfillment for one will not look the same as fulfillment for another.  That's why you must start with "true you".  "True you" has a unique set of interests and abilities.  As these intersect, destiny is revealed, and that brings harmony with all creation.

Making a Difference – When you have integration within (peace) and harmony without, you will identity disorder and unrest in the world around you.  "True you" is designed to bring a specific type of healing and restoration to a portion of our global community.  The peace within you will empower you to create peace around you.  Your truth of attraction will place you in the midst of cosmic battles that only "true you" can win, and you will make a difference!

For Individuals

Individuals who are interested in discovering "True You" should consider enrolling in "Discovering Your Divine Design".  This is a 7-week coaching program that helps you discover "true you", identify ways in which you are malfunctioning and guide you toward true fulfillment.   "Discovering Your Divine Design" includes video training, a discovery journal and weekly group coaching sessions that will guide you as you discover your divine design!  Together, we will:

  • Pursue Truth
  • Uncover Damaging Lies
  • Rebuild Trust
  • Renew Hope
  • Reveal Your Strength
  • Target Your Interests
  • Discover Your Divine Design

For more about Discovering Your Divine Design, click the button below.


Review by M.E.C.

M.E. Connors

Tile Talks RVA

Tile Talks RVA

Markita is an exceptionally gifted speaker.  Her subject matter, knowledge and expertise are above the charts, yet she can explain the most complex concepts and processes in a way that even a second grader can understand them.  Additionally, she is patient and wise, able to teach, instruct and guide anyone who is willing.  Markita is definitely one of the best speakers and teachers I've been privileged to hear.

Tile Talks RVA

Tile Talks RVA

Tile Talks RVA

Tile Talks RVA

Ms. Markita Brooks was a wonderful speaker who absolutely captured the hearts of the audience.  Her work ethic and passion for the job she does really comes through when she speaks.


Sandy W.

Tile Talks RVA

Sandy W.

My experience with Markita is one of total commitment.  She is a woman of her word, and knows how to apply the Word of God in every situation.  Her dedication and commitment to advance the Kingdom of God is to be admired and envied.  Her motivation is never to advance herself, but to help those who truly love God, to experience Him in a real and personal way by giving of herself continually, and helping others to do the same.  She is a kind and patient teacher, speaker, and leader, and I am blessed to know her.

More about Markita Brooks


Directing YOU toward Fulfillment & Success

Markita is passionate about helping others find and fulfill their purpose, so that they can live fulfilling lives and create successful enterprises.  She is an experienced business owner, consultant and ministry leader who has an intimate relationship with God and Biblical business wisdom.  Markita is able to help organizations, teams and audiences navigate the  challenges of business development, group dynamics, leadership transitions, growing pains and tragedies.  As a keynote speaker, she is engaging, interactive, funny and passionate, all while challenging audiences to become their best selves and work together to achieve their goals.

Keynote Addresses

Additional Keynote Addresses

Trailblazers:  Creating True Innovation

Teams that H.I.T. the Mark:  Teambuilding through Honor, Integrity and Tenacity

Servant Leadership:  Applying 1st Century Biblical Principles for 21st Century Solutions

Unity that Builds Community:  Building Successful Diverse Environments

Overcomers:  Allowing Grief and Pain to Propel You Into Purpose

Intentional Healing:  Individual and Group Healing

Transitions & Transformations:  Allowing Transitions to Incite Positive Change

God-Centered:  Creating a Life Vision & Building a Business With God in the Center

Christ Character:  Doing the Right Thing When No One is Watching

Gender Bender:  Effectively Resourcing the Beautiful Gifts in Women, in Any Environment

and MORE . . . 

Additional Speaking Topics

Markita Brooks Speaking Topics

Topics of Interest to YOU!

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