Kingdom Wealth Workshops

Kingdom Wealth Workshops

These 1.5 hour trainings will:

  • Develop your money mindset,
  • Impart business wisdom,
  • Lay a strong Biblical foundation for finance and entrepreneurship,
  • Connect you with your divine inheritance,
  • Help you start, scale or optimize your business,
  • Introduce you to business opportunities and successful business owners, and
  • Engage you in advancing God's Kingdom through finance.

Workshop Topics

God reveals the topics for each Kingdom Wealth Workshop to address the needs of His people and position us to advance His Kingdom through business.  Every Kingdom Wealth workshop includes Biblical revelation, business wisdom, answers to questions, and prayer for empowerment to carry out all that has been shared.

Get Your Questions Answered

Each Kingdom Wealth Workshop begins with listing the questions of the participants.  By the end of the workshop, your business questions will be answered and you'll have access to additional resources that can help you start, scale or optimize your business.

Sowing into the Kingdom

Each Kingdom Wealth Workshop requires a Registration Fee of $25.  Kingdom Wealth Workshops are always held at places of worship, so that we can bless the House of God with 50% of all registration fees received.

Upcoming Workshops

  • Saturday, February 23rd at 1pm at Temple of Peace Church, 3115 Wickham Ave. Newport News, VA
  • Saturday, March 9th at 1pm at Temple of Peace Church, 3115 Wickham Ave. Newport News, VA
  • Saturday, April 27th at 1pm at Temple of Peace Church, 3115 Wickham Ave. Newport News, VA

Register TODAY!

Space is limited at our workshops, so pre-register today to reserve your space by clicking the button below.  You may also choose to just join us for the workshops that you can attend.  We would love to have you, if space is still available.  You may pay your registration fee of $25 on-site the day of the training in cash or check made out to "Kingdom Wealth, LLC".

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Workshop Reviews

"Markita is always prepared and she allows for questions.  She is an awesome teacher."--Debra Clark

"My favorite part was the perfect order in which everything flows because you can tell it's Spirit-led."--Shavonne Miles

"As always Markita is full of knowledge and provides information in a way that even a novice can understand."--T.G. Barnes

Q&A at Discovering Hidden Treasures, Part 2

Gain Access to our Kingdom Wealth Treasury

For $40 per month, you can watch ALL of our training videos on our Members-Only Page called the "Treasury"! It includes ALL of our Kingdom Wealth Workshops and Conferences.

Let us know that you'd like access to the Treasury, and we'll contact you to set up your account!

The Treasury is a Members-Only Page on this website that includes video links to ALL of our Kingdom Wealth Workshops and Conferences.

Kingdom Wealth, LLC

Host a Kingdom Wealth Workshop

Kingdom Wealth Workshops can be held at YOUR House of Worship

Kingdom Wealth, LLC is committed to creating wealth to do the most good, and there is no better good than sowing into the House of God.  For this reason, we partner with ministries to host all of our Kingdom Wealth Workshops.  Each 1.5 hour workshop requires a $25 registration fee.  Kingdom Wealth, LLC would like to sow 1/2 of all registration fees collected into your ministry for hosting a Kingdom Wealth Workshop.

To host a Kingdom Wealth Workshop, you'll need the following:

  • a room that can hold atleast 25 participants,
  • chairs for each participant,
  • 1 table and chair for registration and product sales,
  • a podium to stand in front of a blank wall (for hanging one 2.5' x 4' vertical banner and 2' x 3' post-it sheets--walls will not be damaged), 
  • electrical outlets in the room, and
  • uninterrupted room availability for a 2.5-hour block of time (to include set-up and take down).

We would also ask that you allow the Kingdom Wealth Workshop held at your place of worship to be open to the public.  We will provide digital promotional materials for you to share with your congregation and ministry partners, and we will also advertise the workshop on our social media platforms.  Hopefully, people will attend who are not a part of your ministry, and God may open a door for you to gain new members as well.  Bringing souls into the Kingdom is our #1 goal!

To get your ministry involved, complete the form below or email our founder and CEO at

Host a Kingdom Wealth Workshop!

Host a Kingdom Wealth Workshop!

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We'd love to partner with you to host a Kingdom Wealth Workshop!

Kingdom Wealth, LLC