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As an experienced Kingdom entrepreneur, it is hard to find Biblical coaching for your next level and a peer group of like-minded business owners.  You will find that in Kingdom Pillars Coaching. 

God is looking for trustworthy sons and daughters that He can bless to advance His Kingdom and change the world around them.  Is that you?  Become a Kingdom Pillar!

Kingdom Pillars Change the World!

Kingdom Pillars is an intense level of coaching that requires professional and spiritual maturity, as you work with Markita Brooks for at least 6 months and participate in the Kingdom Circle of Entrepreneurs.

You'll receive group coaching to become a financier in God's Kingdom, a mentor for other Kingdom entrepreneurs, a community problem solver and world-changer.  

Kingdom Pillars receive access to ALL of Kingdom Wealth's resources.

Kingdom Pillars also experience our monthly Kingdom Circle--a Biblical Business Mastermind with timely revelation from God to address some of the world's greatest challenges and offer solutions to Kingdom Entrepreneurs.

Seek God to discover if this is right for you.  Then request a FREE Strategy Session with a Kingdom Wealth Consultant to map out your path to success and learn more about Kingdom Pillars Coaching.

Coaching Client Reviews

Kellie Young- Owner of Owning My Own Beautiful, LLC

I started with Kingdom Wealth and Kingdom Pillars last September in 2019. I had already established my business Owning My Own Beautiful, LLC, prior to joining Kingdom Wealth/Kingdom Pillars. I was previously with another coach who was advising that we could obtain 6 figures in 6 months. I noticed all the other entrepreneurs/ business owners were achieving great customer status and sales were rolling in just as she said, but for some reason it was not happening with my company. I didn’t understand why, especially when I was following her instructions plus doing other things to reach this goal. I began to ask God why my company was not flourishing like the others. God led me to a posting that Markita had regarding her book 5 Biblical Keys To Unlocking Wealth, with the "7-Day Coach," a 7-day free video with Markita explaining the book of Genesis and the 7 days of creation and how God uses that for the structure of your business. It was so profound that I immediately ordered the book because I had to know more! In her videos she explained (plainly broke it down) how there is a time and season for everything regarding your business… even your harvest time. God quickly showed me that where I was in my business…. It was not time for my harvest. Hearing this quickly made my faith increase, and the sadness, and burden of believing I was doing something wrong quickly leave. From the time I started my coaching sessions with Markita, where she has allowed God to pour into her to give divine revelation about my business, that I was a Kingdom Financier, strategies that I should do regarding my business, and things I should change or stop doing. From following the Divine instructions that she received from the Lord (which she ALWAYS PRAYS; seeking God’s guidance before imparting information) I have seen God move mightily! From creating multiple streams of income, to connecting my company with people that are helping promote my brand, and ministry! I truly am in expectation every day as I move forward toward the day of God sending the rain and watering all the seeds I have planted in the ground and bringing forth the harvest to become that Kingdom Financier for Him. Markita Brooks is an amazing coach who is anointed and hears from God! My company would not be where it is today, if it was not for Markita Brooks and Kingdom Wealth/ Kingdom Pillars.

From the bottom of my heart; I thank you!


Maribel Carrera, Together We Can

Kingdom Pillars are believers who come from all walks of life, yet they all are dedicated to financing God's Kingdom Agenda through their businesses.  No matter what industry or niche in which your business serves, you can join us to seek God for revelation and wealth to advance His Kingdom on earth.

Eddie Johnson, Verdure Watches

"Working with Kingdom Wealth, LLC and Miss Markita has truly been a blessing. God is truly using her to raise up Kingdom Financiers such as myself to be a vessel for His Kingdom and it shows in the revelation He gives through her. I have grown so much in my faith in Christ and in knowing how to do business God's way and am so thankful and grateful to have come across Kingdom Wealth, LLC. It has truly been a blessing to learn under her as God has revealed Himself and His agendas."